OT Learners At Your School

OT Learners At Your School

OT Learners understands that teachers can feel that private therapists that come to the school are not always able to or have time to provide information regarding the progression of therapy for their students. OT Learners can provide your school with one therapist to work with teachers and students in your school. One major advantage of having one Occupational Therapist for your school means that teachers will be aware of goals and provided with strategies to continue Occupational therapy for students in between sessions.

OT Learners provide the following services for schools

  • Whole class sessions aimed at providing teachers with skills and strategies to incorporate Occupational Therapy within their teaching programs. The benefits to students are incredible as teachers witness growth and development in students that were struggling and higher levels of participation and engagement across the board.
  • Small group based or individually targeted intervention sessions to provide support to students that require individualised therapy programs to support them to reach their goals.
  • Collaboration with teacher and support staff for the development of PLP’s.
  • Standardised and non- standardised assessments.
  • Whole class or whole grade screeners.

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